Thursday, January 28, 2010

Annual Canned Food Drive Starts

MVMS's annual canned food drive starts on February 1st and goes until February 5th.  We are hoping this is going to be a big success this year!

Everyone gets 1 raffle ticket for bringing in an item. After that it's every 5 items = another raffle ticket

1 = 1 raffle ticket
5-9 = 2 raffle tickets
10-14 = 3 raffle tickets
15-19 = 4 raffle tickets

Prizes will include MV clothing, gift cards to Subway and much, much more.  The "grand" prize will be a one week pass to listen to an ipod during lunch!  There will also be a competition between grade levels.

So bring in your canned goods or boxed/dry goods.  We need your help!